live art show

Every Third Thursday Summer 2016
Open Source Gallery
306 17th Street
BKLN 11206

live art show is a participatory art project organized and facilitated by Francis Palazzolo at the Open Source Gallery. Co-created art takes place every third Thursday during the Summer of 2016 from 2pm to 6pm. Palazzolo engages gallery-goers with personal care tasks, turning the situation into public games, making the live art show accessible and engaging. A testament to the power of the art and community, Palazzolo invites local self-taught artists to particpate in the process.

The documentation shows the type of gaming that took place. Indicitive of the composition, on August 18th, the artwork mixed "how do you take care of yourself?" questions with the “Exquisite Corpse” Surrealist game. The gallery doors were flung wide open onto the street, so the self-taught artists' and Palazzolo were able to engage gallery-goers and passersby. Like venders peddling charmed remedies they turned the audience into active participants. On that day, the artwork merged the sharing of intimate conversations with depictions of facial treatments.

As self-taught artists engaged with the residents of the South Slope, the success of this social practice lead to more art events at the Open Source during the fall of 2016. This refreshing momentum lead to a plan to go beyond this locale. The particpants saw that their work was aligned with concept of “being neighborly,” and formed a collective under the same name. Thier goal is to engage the public in supportive art events and exhibitions throughout the metropolitan area.

Materials were provided by the Open Source. Contributing self-taught artists: Vincent Salas, Aracelis Rivera, Maura Hall, Laura Anne Walker, Larry Willoughby, Rosemary Yoboby, Ray Lopez, Martha Haddock-Cruz, Georgia Redd, Bernadette Corcoran, Michael Johnson, Lukau Lukelo, Jenny Chan, and Derrick Brown.

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