bring da beach to'da hood

open source gallery

306 17th Street
BKLN NY 11206
20 October 2016
Event 4-8pm

In the pastoral South Slope dads riddle the sidewalks with strollers after work; mothers nurse babies outdoors with their hoodies unzipped, and artists bring da beach ta’da neighborhood. At the open source gallery this October these unlikely conditions meet up. In the show, paintings of a funky-town life are displayed from head to toe. Bongos are playing. The lure of shore sand spills out onto the street. There are beach balls and markers for playing “toss, catch and draw.” The curator organized this exhibit to bring unlikely people together. By engaging gallery goers in amusing activities, self taught artists who usually confront marginalization and stigmatization gain agency, access and influence instead. If visitors read serious art as child’s play it’s in the service of making connections and learning from each other.

“Bring da Beach ta’da Hood” is a participatory art exhibit from the being neighborly project. In 2016 artist and curator Francis Palazzolo founded this project for bringing diverse people together to learn from each other through the process of organizing art. Materials were provided by the open source and the baltic street resource and wellness center.

Contributing Artists: Vincent Salas, Aracelis Rivera, Maura Hall, Laura Anne Walker, Larry Willoughby, Rosemary Yoboby, Ray Lopez, Martha Haddock-Cruz, Georgia Redd, Bernadette Corcoran, Michael Johnson, Lukau Lukelo, Jenny Chan, Ill Brand and Lilli Ann.

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