Live Art Studio - Francis Palazzolo

Live Art Show
Every Third Thursday Summer 2016
Curator Francis Palazzolo
Open Source Gallery
306 17th Street
BKLN 11206

The Live Art Show is a collaborative art-making project led by Francis Palazzolo at the Open Source Gallery. This participatory art show takes place every third Thursday during the Summer of 2016 from 2pm to 6pm. Palazzolo turns personal care tasks into public games, making the Live Art show accessible and engaging. A testament to the power of the art and community, Palazzolo collaborates with self-taught artists confronting low socio-economic conditions; together they engage Park Slope gallery-goers.

The documentation on the preceding webpage describes a recurring game that took place during a portion of every show date. What started out as a mixture of good communication techniques and the “Exquisite Corpse” Surrealist game, turned into an experiment of sharing intimate conversations and collaborating to make a portrait. Materials such as paper, pencils, markers, sharpeners and erasers were provided.

The series of Live Art Shows followed on the heels of the Sole Exchange Exhibit, which Palazzolo curated during the month of April at the Open Source Gallery. For this exhibit he devised a public game that switched and overturned the way to put on one’s shoes. Unfortunately, soon afterward the self-taught artists and the curator lost their patron with the improbable closure of the Healing Arts Initiative.

Yet, instead of an abrupt end, together they moved-on with support from the Open Source Gallery. While Palazzolo organized the Live Art Show each month, the self-taught artists brought their talents and perspective to generate conversation about art-making. The success of “being neighborly” along the South Slope lead to a closing show well into the Fall, titled Bring da Beach to'da Hood.

Contributing self-taught artists: Vincent Salas, Aracelis Rivera, Maura Hall, Laura Anne Walker, Larry Willoughby, Rosemary Yoboby, Ray Lopez, Martha Haddock-Cruz, Georgia Redd, Bernadette Corcoran, Michael Johnson, Lukau Lukelo, Jenny Chan, and Derrick Brown.

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