Coming to America Installation & Film - Francis Palazzolo

Coming to America. Color video, 6 min. 40 sec. 2017.

Coming to America Installation. Mixed media, 11' L x 8' H x 4' D, 2017.

Living Under Oppression is the Lowest Form of Living. Acrylic and paper poppies on mounted newspaper, 9.5" x 11."

evermore sex gives war a rest..

In Between the Calculus. Oil paint on linen, 12" x 16."

Poppies Reporting. Ink on mounted newspaper, 9" x 11."

perennial ghost

Read All Over. Mixed media on paper, 9" x 12."

Adopt Poppy Farmers Now! Poster print, 18" x 24."

Otherness Within Logic & Selfhood. Lipstick holder & lipstick on magazine, 11" x 15" x 2."

true EGO god. Ink on mounted religious texts, 24" x 12."

Defacing Modes of Quietism. Spray paint on found object, 6' x 4.' 

Field of Dreams. Ink on paper, 11" x 13."

Poppies Flourish in Synaptic Gaps. Electro-chemicals on canvas, 9" x 12." 

Master of Reality. Pencil on papyrus, 10" x 14." 

Feng Shui Peace Another Way (film still from Coming to America). Available in 11" x 9" printed cardstock & 22" x 18" cibachrome prints.

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