artist statement



In Transition, a series of intersubjective portrait events with Palazzolo and adults living at transitional housing facilities in the Bronx. In this an equitable critical series of art, Palazzolo draws portraits of the adults and invites each sitter to participate in the making of their portrait. As the sitter influences how they are seen, the co-creators challenge the portrait canon of Western art. Together they (1) blur self-portraiture with artist drawing a portrait subject (2) turn portrait into an event while simultaneously and uniquely using depiction against itself to decenter the portrait canon, and (3) reveal that others are always already involved in personal identity relations. If there are onlookers, the pair usually invites them to join-in, particularly with the photographic, audio and video documentation. As additional points of view come into the mix, the ensemble continues breaking away from the canonical formations of portraiture. Red asterisks denote additional multimedia is available. All intersubjective portrait event documentation is supported by signed consent.

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