Cover My Walls with Pictures. Framed C-print, 16" x 24", 2019.

   “Intersubjectivity, Ethics & Object Ontology” is a series of photographs that blur the boundaries between Palazzolo (the artist) who draws portrait subjects, and the sitter who he invites to participate in the art of self-portraiture. Thus, Palazzolo recedes into a supportive role as the subject of the portrait undertakes co-authorship. Working together, they defuse the social power dynamics that emerge from an objectifying representational system. As the sitters influence how they will be seen, the photographs of the portrait process critique the dominant tradition in Western art. Face-to-face as co-creators, they obtain an ethical relationship that redrafts the ontology of the portrait object. Palazzolo co-created these portraits with residents living at temporary emergency shelters located in the Fort Apache section of the Bronx.

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