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social practice

present-2016 Being Neighborly

Art events and exhibitions for adults confronting social marginalization. Palazzolo founded this project to foster civic engagement by increasing opportunities for social agency, equity and bonding with local communities and institutions. Partnerships include: BronxWorks, The Moth, Bronx Museum, Whitney Museum of American Art, Open Source Gallery, School of Visual Arts, Guggenheim Museum, New York Foundation for the Arts, Baltic Street Resource and Wellness Center, and Museum of Modern Art. Due to COVID-related issues programing is temporarily suspended.

2014 i nomad tribe

enthnographic poetry during artist-in-residence at BronxWorks Living Room Drop-in Center

2004-2014 CollectiView

artist-in-residence Bronx Real IPRT & CSS treatment programs

1986-1996 early years

artist-in-residence at:

Leben Home for Adults, Queens NY

Surf Side Manor, Queens NY

FEGS CSS Treatment Program, New York NY

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