artist statement


In Transitions is a series of interdependent portraits by Palazzolo and adult residents living at transitional housing facilities in the Bronx. Each collaboration is a hybridization of the portraitist drawing the subject with self-portraiture. Their conversations usually include inviting onlookers to join-in. This additional contribution often involves documenting the process via photography, audio and videotaping. As multiple points of view come into the mix, the ensemble breaks farther and farther away from the canonical formations of portraiture.

The interdependent portraits aim to elevate the dignity of the residents by supporting the emancipatory potential of representing oneself as one wants to be seen and gaining recognition in one's community. Framing the artwork, and hanging it on the walls of the housing facilities expands the residents' visibility and agency. In conjunction with moving to more permanent living quarters, the residents may choose to take their portrait with them.

In the online gallery red asterisks denote additional multimedia is available. All of the documentation for each interdependent portrait is supported by signed release and consent of the participants. Art supplies for these portraits are generously donated by local business through the work of Materials for the Arts.

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