socialization as art

Our Fashion. Collective spray painting on t-shirts, Van Cortlandt Park, 2012

Collective Poetry.  Large group engagement in the community milieu, 2010.

Re-Naming Art Game. Large group engagement in the community milieu, 2009

Untitled photo

Westchester Square Needs US! Group photography walk, color copies, 8.5"X11" 2007.

White & Palazzolo. De Stijling Together, hand over hand drawing, displayed in community milieu, 2004-2006.

Community Mixer.  Sharing the process of multi-exposure photography, c-prints, 11"X14", 2005.

Untitled photo

Intimate Engagement. 'Collaborative collage' and hand-over-hand drawing on display in the community milieu, 2002-2003. 

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