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hai art studio & gallery

co-founder & creative director of studio and gallery


The hai art studio and gallery was a community art studio, educational workshops and gallery for adults from socially marginalized communities (approx. 50 members). This iteration was the second, which ran from 1999-2012, The program took place every Saturday in headquarters of hai Ltd, located on Broadway in a colossal Soho loft. By 2009, program activities expanded to six days a week. Palazzolo continued as the Creative Director. He co-founded the first iteration with Betty Marks in 1994. The art studio and gallery made great strides from its inception: the art studio was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Grant in 2005. Exhibitions increased in-house and around the world. Of note, together with Marks, Palazzolo organized and hosted a survey of self-taught art in the US five times during the span of thirteen years. The art studio expanded by partnering with educational institutions as well, interns from the School of Visual Arts, Columbia University, New York University, and Fashion Institute of Technology competed for this coveted learning experience. The program was funded with New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene art workshop grants.

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