Egan, Max Fish Gallery

1998-1994 studio at hospital audiences inc. Community art film studio with adults diagnosed with serious mental health issues; approx. 25 members; vhs film and editing equipment. Palazzolo founded this studio to combine, critique, and push the boundaries of performance and depiction via experimental film. Palazzolo developed a community-based approach to art by engaging and collaborating with adults from marginalized communities in New York City. Each weekend from 94'-98' they used the empty offices of hospital audiences inc. on 42nd Street to become collaborative filmmakers. Together their effort, based on their experiences which bordered on sci-fi film nior, developed under the running title "This is Not a Soap Opera." This film work, Palazzolo's first participatory art project,  never had a public premiere due to the untimely deaths of several members during the Winter of 97-98.

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