2000             New York University, Gallatin School of Independent Study

                               Master of Arts, Philosophy and Fine Art

                               Thesis: Clues for Showing Theories in Combination

                               Advisor: Bruce Ferguson, Dean of the School of Arts Columbia University

1985             School of Visual Arts

                               Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting and Sculpture

selected participatory art

present         "Facing the Canon" Manhattan, NY

-2020                    Description: Socially Interdependent Portraits with general public

                               Independent production

present         "In Transition" BronxWorks, Bronx, NY

-2018                    Description: Socially Interdependent Portraits with adults living at transitional housing facilities

                               Fiscal Support: NYC Department of Homeless Services Enhancement Grant

2017               "Social Bond Market" Times Square, Manhattan, NY

                               Description: Socially Interdependent Portraits with visitors to Times Square ‘afront’ the NASDAQ Showroom

                               Independent production

2016              "Live Art Show" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

                               Description: Gallery visitors and self-taught artists engage in co-creating artwork

                               In-kind support: Open Source Gallery; Baltic Street Resource & Wellness Center

selected socially engaged art

present-        Being Neighborly, Manhattan, NY

2016                     Description: Plan, facilitate, and curate supportive art events and exhibitions for adults confronting social marginalization in New York City

                               Selected Support Network: BronxWorks; Bronx Museum; Guggenheim Museum; Museum of Modern Art; full list upon request

2016              "CollectiView" Bronx Real CSS & IPRT Treatment Programs JBFCS, Bronx NY

-2004                    Description: co-created artwork with program members in successive series

                               Fiscal Support: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Workshop Grant

selected creative director & founder

2016              Healing Arts Initiative Studio and Gallery, Queens, NY

-2012                    Description: community art studio, gallery and supportive services for adults confronting chronic mental health issues; 85 members

                               Goals: cultivated artistic empowerment zone for members and local community to prosper

                               Development: created program structure; led weekly meeting for members to organize projects and exhibits

                               Pedagogy: created and taught course content in conjunction with projects and exhibitions

                               Implementation: led group and individual critiques; organized public art projects; see selected socially engaged art projects; selected curator

                               Executive Responsibilities: supervised staff and interns; consulted with Board members, met with oversight committees and donors

                               Administrative Duties: developed evaluation strategies; monitored performance; implemented improvements; maintained progress reports

                               Fiscal and Material Support: NYC Department of Mental Health & Hygiene Art Workshop Grants; private donors; Materials For the Arts

selected lectures

2016              "Of Sole Exchanging" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2013              "Increasing Diversity at Cultural Institutions" at Art Inclusive World Symposium, Queens Museum, Queens NY

2013              "Pink Elephant Remedies: Approaches to Art History & Art Therapy" SVA Art Therapy Community Lecture Series, Manhattan, NY

2012              "Signs of Friendship Symposium" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2011              "Artistic Drive" Art Therapy Conference, SVA Theatre, Manhattan, NY

1999              "Clues for Theories in Combination" Nat’l Conference on Liberal Arts and Ed. of Artists, Algonquin Hotel, Manhattan, NY

selected group exhibits

Forthcoming 2021              "Art for Change: The Artist and Homeless Collaborative" New-York Historical Society, Manhattan, NY

2016              "Sole Exchange" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2015              "Arts to End Violence" Ron Taylor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2014              "Love Hate Back" Paddle 8, Manhattan, NY

2014              "Love Hate Back" ADC Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2010              "NEW" Delaware Center for Contemporary Arts, Wilmington DE

2006              "The Studio Visit" Exit Art, Manhattan, NY

2005              "ABC No Rio" Deitch Projects, Manhattan, NY

2005              "Above the Trendy the Down and Out" The Proposition Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2004              "The Presidency" Exit Art, Manhattan, NY

2002              "Art in Mind: New Acquisitions" Inst of Neuroscience at N Westchester Hospital Center, Mt Kisco, NY

2000              "Neo-New Approaches to Artmaking" Exit Art, New York, NY

1991              "NYC AWOL" Art in General, New York, NY

1991              "?”, Max Fish Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1991              "Storm the Bastille" 291 Church St. Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1990              "Ecology Show" Red Square Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1990              "100 Painters in Politics" Wetherholt Gallery, Washington DC

1990              "Ten Years, Seven Days" Kunstlerhaus, Hannover, DE

1990              "Lower Eastside Anti-Helms Variety Show" ABC No Rio, Manhattan, NY

1990              "Tent City" benefit exhibition, Max Fish Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1990              "The Wall, an exhibit of German and American Artists" Foster Goldstrom Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1989              "New Blasphmy Shows" Multiple Gallery Exhibit: Black & White in Color Gallery; Circus Maximus; Red Zone, Manhattan, NY

1988              "Commemorative Rivington Sculpture Show" 128 Rivinton Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1987              "Dada, 100 Year Anniversary of Kurt Schwitters" Freiram Gallery, Hannover, DE

1987              "Micro Show" Now Gallery Traveling Show: Cat Club, Manhattan, NY; Ukrainian Modern Institute, Philadelphia, PA; Limelight, Chicago, IL

1987              "Painter's Dozen:" Traveling Show: Cat Club NYC; Ukrainian Modern Institute PHL; Limelight CHI

1986              "Political to Personal" Torn Awning Gallery, Manhattan, NY

selected solo art exhibits

2005              The Proposition Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1999              Barney Sculpture Gallery, New York University, Manhattan, NY

1993              Anti-Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1987              Tunnel Club, Manhattan, NY

1986              Julian Pretto Gallery, Manhattan, NY

selected filmography

2015              "Turning the Tables on the Carpetbagger" color, 11 min. HAI Gallery, Queens NY

2013              "XFR STN: Palazzolo 1987-1992 performance art" color/bw, 4 hrs, Beta & U-Matic, New Museum, Manhattan, NY

2011              "Artistic Drive” color, 5.5 min, Blu-ray, School of Visual Arts Theatre, Manhattan, NY

2005              "Celebrity Meta-Psychology" color, 12.5 min. Exit Art, Manhattan, NY

2005              "Bullshit Artist: King of Plop" color, 6.5 min, Exit Art, Manhattan, NY

2005              "Intermediate Exercise" color, 24 min, Proposition Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2004              "White Shit House." color, 5 min, Exit Art, Manhattan, NY

1992              "Capitol Shit" color, 5.5 min, Anti-Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1992              "Psycho-Flesh" color, 9 min, Anti-Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1992              "There Is No Garlic In the East, Evil Spirits Are Free" bw 7 min, Anti-Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1990              "White Shit House" color 5 min, at "First Amendment Exhibit" El Centro Cultural De Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

selected curator

2018              "Being Neighborly" (co-curator) MoMA Cullman Education Center, Manhattan, NY

2016              "Bring da Beach ta' da Hood" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016              "Live Art Studio" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016              "Sole Exchange" Open Source Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2016              "Passionate Voices and Spiritual Universes: Healing Arts Initiative" Outsider Art Fair, Manhattan, NY

2015              "Inventive Engine pt.1" Healing Arts Initiative Gallery, Queens, NY

2015              "Inventive Engine pt.2" SVA Art Therapy Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2015              "Secret Powers": Healing Arts Initiative" Outsider Art Fair, Manhattan, NY

2014              "And I Still Rise.” Healing Arts Initiative Gallery, Queens, NY

2014              "Healing Arts Initiative Collection" Outsider Art Fair, Manhattan, NY

2013              "Art Speaks Volumes" Healing Arts Initiative Gallery, Queens, NY

2012              "Signs of Friendship" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2010              "Melvin Way & Ray Hamilton Ballpoint Drawings" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2008              "Phillips, Maruki, Jamison, Gonzalez" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2006              "Laura Anne Walker" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2003              "Nourishing the Spirit" Lesley University, Marran Gallery, Cambridge MA

2002              "Survey 2002, Contemporary Outsider Art in America” HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2001              "Nourishing the Spirit” HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

2000             "Survey 2000, Contemporary Outsider Art in America” HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1999              "Nourishing the Spirit” American Psychological Association Art Gallery, Washington DC

1998              "Inner & Outer Struggle" Max Fish Gallery Bar, Manhattan, NY

1997              "Lawrence Joyner & Nelia Gibbs" Max Fish Gallery Bar, Manhattan, NY

1996              "Survey 96, Contemporary Outsider Art in America" HAI Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1993              "Outsider Artists of HAI featuring Lady Shalamar" Margret Bodell Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1992              "Portraits" The Max Fish Gallery, Manhattan, NY

1990              "Gonzo!" First St. Cafe, Manhattan, NY

1989              "Art on Ads" 10 on 8 Windows, Manhattan, NY

selected consultant

2020             "Breaking Bars: Community-Based Art Therapy Mural Project" School of Visual Arts, Manhattan, NY

                               abstract, excerpt, full text-published paper

2016-             Healing Arts Initiative, Queens, NY

2012                     Description: evaluated community art workshops: teacher performance and site compatibility, annual (approx. 10)

                               Administrative Duties: filed progress reports; mentored art teachers

2011-             Hospital Audiences Inc., Manhattan, NY

1992                     Description: evaluated community art workshops: teacher performance and site compatibility, annual (approx. 25)

                               Administrative Duties: filed progress reports; mentored art teachers

selected pedagogy

2016-             "Digital Literacy" Healing Arts Initiative Studio and Gallery, Queens, NY

2012                     Description: taught weekly digital photography and photoshop workshop to complement curated exhibitions

                               Goals: enhance digital and observational skills; critical thinking, decision-making, social agency

                               Development: adapted technical data to exhibitions

                               Implementation: students learned how to individualize theory and practice

                               Techniques & Materials: PS:CS4, Apple iMac AIO i5, Nikon CoolPIX

                               Fiscal Support: National Endowment for the Arts Challenge America Grant; NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene Workshop Grant

2008-             "Socializing Signs and Things" FEGS Manhattan Focus IPRT Program, Manhattan, NY

1998                     Description: Annual curriculum; taught weekly community art workshop to adults

                               Goals: enhance critical thinking, teamwork, decision-making, social agency

                               Development: adapted art-historical ideas and methods to social practice

                               Implementation: facilitated use of collaborative design techniques

                               Techniques & Materials: drawing, mixed media collage, ink & watercolor painting

                               Fiscal Support: NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Workshop Grant

selected authored articles

2003              “Beyond Raw Nerves and Cheap Metaphors.” Captured: a film/video history of the lower east side, ed. C. Patterson, FEVA New York, p. 397-400

1993              "Institutional Gold." Palazzolo interviews artist James Lee Byars & Whitney Museum Director David Ross, Hype NYC Vol. 8, p. 7

1992              “Edge of Sculpture.” Palazzolo interview with artist Dennis Oppenheim Hype Vol. 2, pp. 5-7. Hype NYC, no. 2, p. 7-9, Spring

1992              "The Art of Curiosity." Palazzolo interviews Izhar Patkin, Hype NYC, no. 4, p. 8-9, Fall

selected reviews of art

2017              Walker, L. A. “Making Art After the Fall of HAI,” City Voices Vol. 20 No. 2 Summer pp. 9 & 13

2016              Harris, Staniszewski, Colo, Cotter, Gugelberger (Eds) “Exit Art: Unfinished Memories: 30 Yrs of Exit Art,” Steidl: Palazzolo pp. 292, 315, 325

2016              Barkho, G. "At Open Source, Community Forms Through Accessible Art," Brooklyn Magazine, The Arts/Art, 18 Apr

2012              Friedman, M. “Art Helps People Live With Mental Illness” The Huffington Post, Healthy Living, 23 June

2006              Sarkissian, R. "Yoko Ono, F. Palazzolo, S. Tashjian, ABC at Deitch Projects" Armenian Intn’l, 24 Dec p8

2006              Woodson, C. "Clarity from Chaos," New York City Voices, Volume XII, Number 1, Spring, p.19

2006              Ferguson, S. "Tribes Gather at Exit Art," The Villager, vol. 75, no. 38, 8-14 Feb p18

2005              Feuer, A. "Above the Trendy the Down and Out" NY Times, Metro Sect., 7 April B1-13

2005              Reed, J. “New York Critics' Picks” Art Forum Online, March-April

2005              Widdacombe, B. "Hazardous to their Elf" Gatecrasher, Daily News, 19 March p.20

2005              Fallon, M. B. “Elf/infringement” New Line Cinema, Facsimile, 5 March

2004              Johnson, K. "The Presidency" New York Times, Art In Review, 22 Oct E39

2004              Vincent, Steven. "Virtriolic Hate Through Paint." National Review Online, 16 Nov

2004              Ogle, Sandra. The Meaning of "The Presidency." Recount: A Magazine of Contemporary Politics, 20 Oct

2002              Kelly, Amy. "Hospital Launches Neurosciences Institute," The Patent Trader, Health, 7 March, H1

2001              Levy, Larry. "My Helpful Day Program." New York Voices, vol. 1 no. 1 sect. B , January-March, B29

2002              Fish, Judith Naomi. "Northern Westchester Hospital." Westchester Jewish Chronicle, April

2002              Roessler, Lynn. "Mount Kisco -Proud and Independent." Women's News, vol. 20 No.8, April

2002              Faces & Places, photo by Vechiollo, John. Westchester County Business Journal, 25 March

2000              Johnson, K. "Neo" New York Times, Art In Review, 28 July, B29

1990              Goldman, L. "Vigilant Views." Streets Magazine, May, p. 24-7

1987              FK. "Wo Der Geferierte Sellst Lag." Hanoversche Allgeneine, June, p. 12-4

selected media appearances

2015              Bloom, A. "HAI Curators" Town & Village, Westchester Cable channel 77 LMCTV

2014              McClure, M. "Queens Group Recognized for Providing Art-Filled Access" NY1, 9 Dec., 2 min

2002              "Outsider Art" Nosolomusica, Ch. 5 Spain, Oct

1996              "Pernod Awards" Ch.16, Gallery Beat, Jan

1995              Frech, K. "Not Like In the Movies: Portrait Of Six Artists At Work," Logical Chaos Prod, 82 min

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