brief biography - Francis Palazzolo

brief biography

Francis Palazzolo brings awareness to the problem of representation in the arts by exploring the intersection between live formation and representational form. He creates drawings, paints, sculpts, makes films, curates exhibits and activates audiences. Art through social engagement is in place of the polemics that emerge from the depiction relation, particularly as it flows into political representation. In an effort to reduce gaps, gluts and divisions, he critiques cultural forms and practices with ethical resistance. Currently, Palazzolo is the artist-in-residence at four emergency shelters in the Bronx, where he is co-creating portraits with the residents. In connection with this residency, Palazzolo founded Being Neighborly; public exhibition events in New York City with adults who confront social marginalization. Six events took place at the Open Source Gallery in Brooklyn during 2016. In 2017, there was an event at School of Visual Arts Project Space, 132 West 21st Street; and another in 2018, at the Museum of Modern Art Community Gallery in the Cullman Education Center. Members of the mental health community have a long-standing relationship with Palazzolo as founder of three iterations of the HAI Studio and Gallery, where he served as creative director until 2016.

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