2016-2017 Being Neighborly - Francis Palazzolo

Francis Palazzolo founded Being Neighborly in the Summer of 2016 to support a group of artists who lack iow socio-economic conditions. As the name Being Neighborly suggests, socialization as art is the coagulant among the group and their means to increase to agency, access, and equality. Initially, three Brooklyn based non-for-profit agencies support the Palazzolo to organize the effort, New York Foundation for the Arts, the Baltic Street Resource & Wellness Center and the Open Source Gallery.

The aim of Being Neighborly was for the artists to become a self-sustainable collective. In 2018 they proudly met their goal.

Being Neighborly was organized immediately following the abrupt closure of the HAI Studio & Gallery, which Palazzolo founded in 1994. The parent company, the Hospital Audiences Inc, closed its doors abruptly in 2016. Instantly, twenty-two years of artists who lack iow socio-economic conditions gaining empowerment in the Metropolitan area ceased. Most of the members of Being Neighborly were also members of the HAI Studio & Gallery. This website also documents the exhibition history from those HAI years. To be clear, in 2012 the parent company changed its name to the Healing Arts Initiative.


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