The SelfOthering Shift Experiments - Francis Palazzolo

The SelfOthering Shift Experiments

2016 to present

SelfOthering with Kettly

      SelfOthering with DJ & K

      SelfOthering with Mayuko & Ray

      SelfOthering with Mayuko & Ray. Color video, 4:45 min., 2017. 

      SelfOthering with Avery

      Before Avery started drawing she said, "I'm gonna do horrible." Part way through she was asking, "Can I add color now."

      SelfOthering with Avery. Color video, 3:54 min., 2016.

      SelfOthering with Tom

      Tom said off camera, "Once we got started talking it got easier. Watching you (Francis) draw gave me permission to draw, to be more creative, to try new things. Talking while drawing allowed me to open-up."

      SelfOthering with Tom. Color video, 4:08 min, 2016.

      SelfOthering with Liz

      Quote from Liz, “Wow, I can’t believe we did this. I was intimidated at first and then snap. What a time to remember in our wild face.”

      SelfOthering with Liz. Color video, 4:08 min., 2016.

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