Artist Biography - Francis Palazzolo

Artist Biography

Through art, Francis Palazzolo shakes-up the high-degree of cultural polarization by navigating uncommon points of view and devising ways to mend social alienation. To put this idea into action, he works in a variety of mediums, activates audiences, mixes disciplines, blurs genres and shifts the power of representation. For more than three decades, Palazzolo has continued to implement this practice in group exhibits, solo shows, and artist-in-residency projects. His current work, SelfOthering activates audiences with different types of site-specific art projects. Unique to Palazzolo’s practice is his extensive history working with people in underserved communities throughout New York City, including psychiatric hospitals, treatment centers, safe havens, homeless shelters, and group homes. In 1994 he founded a studio and gallery for people of low socio-economic status. Born in New Jersey, 1960, he began exhibiting his art in the Lower East Side of New York City in 1984 after finishing his Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and sculpture earlier that year at School of Visual Arts. Palazzolo began the millennium by receiving his Master of Arts at New York University’s Gallatin School of Independent Study, again with a double major, this time in Fine Art and Philosophy. Palazzolo’s advisor was Bruce Ferguson, Dean of the School of Arts, Columbia University.

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